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Courtesy of Glisp:
this quest gives a duplicate of the Amulet of Shadows... :/ , topic important messages, and that jeweler TR_m2_Dremil Seniran also non-randomly sells the "ring of fire storm" in Helnim, Dremil Seniran: Jeweler

+ the enchanter Old Ebonheart, Yuaile Phyroc: Enchanter sells the absurdly cheap and overpowered Toxic Cloud ring.

Those are all items from original MW, though those two rings also exist as high-level items in leveled lists. The amulet of shadows is as everybody knows game-breaking, while the other two are practically free considering their effects and can kill most things.


I'll make sure to get rid of

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I'll make sure to get rid of the Toxic Cloud ring in OE.

it's just hilariously overpowered. has the potential of dealing, what, 600 damage?

Amulet of shadows replaced

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Amulet of shadows replaced with unused "T_De_UNI_RobeShadowForm", no it's a jeweller, new ring "TR_m2_He_Blades1reward" instead
Ring of fire storm replaced with "T_Com_Cm_Ring_DivineIntervent", I'm a fan of making unique items for shops but lazy and the latter not found anywhere in the file

What if you like having all

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What if you like having all those items that were in the original MW? Is there a way to console them in?
I'm running MGSO 3-0, Morrowind rebirth, TR 16-12.7z, and MWCode Patch 4.7z.. so if I ask a question that TR doesn't affect.. I apologize in advance.. sorry
But I noticed that the Amulet of Shadows is only 20-50% for 30 sec, the enchanted sword on top of the cabinet in Balmora guard tower is no longer there, the limeware platter is now just some cheap thing in the beginning, the price for everything seems to be reduced, and that first Dark BH that attacks you when you sleep has cheap armor instead of his DBH armor...
Is this part of the TR "Balance Breaking"?.. and if so.. How do i get the old game back while, hopefully, still be able to play this TR Mod?

TR does not touch the

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TR does not touch vanilla content in such a way. We are discussing changing TR's own enchanted items, not Morrowind's.

The mod that is causing the edits you describe is Morrowind Rebirth. It's a massive overhaul mod and includes "balancing passes" on equipment.