Akamora's MG: LETTER OF RESIGNATION(TR_m2_MG_Francine1) Marog Topic Error





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Bug: Francine Aldard, in Akamora’s Mage Guild, will send the player to a quest in Marog. Her exclusive topic for “Marog” requires that the quest stage is 10. If the player never acquired the topic from other soucers before, it will not directly get from her this time.

Solution: Applied a “AddTopic” within the Result Box of the topic “letter of apology” to allow the player to get access to the exclusive topic “Marog” for Francine Aldard in this specific situation.

Created a patch at http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/43107/?  under the number 18.

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Topic “letter of apology” → This deeply bothers me, but I think there's a way to at least somewhat rectify this failing. I can try and apologize to him. Please, %PCName, go to Marog and deliver this letter to Master Athyrion. Ranosa is possibly right that I'm not well-advised to make the journey myself, but as an outsider you should have less to explain and less to fear. Here, these potions will help you, %PCName.

Speaker Condition








Journal TR_m2_MG_Francine1 10

Addtopic "Marog"

Player -> AddItem TR_m2_q_36_LetterToAthyrion 1

Player -> AddItem p_levitation_q 4




This will indeed make "Marog"

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This will indeed make "Marog" available in the topics - better than nothing but it still won't be linked (blue) in the dialogue because all her lines will have already been displayed before the conditions are met and linking isn't retroactive. It's not the only quest topic with this issue, unfortunately. These topics either need an initial entry available before the quest or an intermediary condition set before the last line appears... a global/local variable.

(on another note -- 4 quality levitation potions to go deliver a letter? That's not even the reward, just given with the quest. Potions here and scrolls there, the Akamora MG seems overly hand-holdy, especially for the region it's supposed to be in)

The levitation potions IMO

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The levitation potions IMO are a nice touch though. Akamora is vertically quite challenging and levitation potions is something I would imagine the mages using to get around easier.