Imperial Guard Pauldrons


Other than the vanilla troopers, TR's Imperial Legion soldiers wear asymmetrical pauldrons attributed to them via leveled lists. 

This randomized equipment (left shoulder imperial legion, right shoulder some leather variation, for example) does not really fit to the uniformized, standardized image of the legion. 

Bal Orya Silt Strider Arrival

When using a silt strider to arrive at Bal Orya, we appear underwater sometimes. Journeys from Ranyon-Ruhn arrive at the proper silt strider dock, but the player is dropped off underwater when travelling from Tel Ouada. Coordinates of the Tel Ouada -> Bal Oyra destination are given above. This is occuring in games with and without TR_Travels.esp

Greeting 0/1 and Oath of Silence

This would probably be a pain in the butt to fix, but...

A lot of non-law-enforcement related greetings are sneaking their way into Greeting 0. This means that the vanilla Oath of Silence at the top of Greeting 1 is sometimes not being triggered correctly (aka, when just about anyone talks to you: exceptions being some forcegreetings and some quests that use Greetings to continue an encounter).



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