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When in Bal Oyra, I noticed a few landscape errors near the entrance to town. These errors persisted into a new game.

First of all, the fort walls on one side have become invisible, and intangible:

Luckily, this doesn’t affect any gameplay really.

Second, the hill to the Silt Strider is very strange. The fence is floating the air, as does the platform for the NPC providing service. The hill is also very hard to climb without jumping, making it very difficult to get NPC followers up to the Strider.


Are you perchance using the

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Are you perchance using the version of TR_Travels packaged in TR16.12 with the TR_Mainland.ESM file from TR16.09, or the reverse?

Has to be – either this or

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Has to be – either this or the esm from the 16.09.10 hotfix. That’s a classic case of why the Silt Strider port has to be redeleted every release.

TR_Travels seeks to integrate

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TR_Travels seeks to integrate the travel network of the vanilla GotY game with Tamriel Rebuilt’s current vision of the mainland.

Bal Oyra was made with the old vision. The Telvanni are now conceptualised to keep their distance from the Empire, so Bal Oyra would be fairly isolated from the Telvanni lands (a connection the Silt Strider port provides), and the only interaction would be with Helnim where the Empire forced the door open due to the local lord’s madness.

i was asking what causes it

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i was asking what causes it to reappear in each update, not why it was removed (though that was an interesting answer)

Each asset (static, NPC,

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Each asset (static, NPC, activator) has a unique internal identifier, depending on what master files have been loaded.

When the master files change by adding or removing assets in the cell that our little asset resides in (and the worldspace seems to count as one big cell), that identifier changes and Morrowind can no longer track what change is supposed to go where.
In Bal Oyra’s case, this means that the deleted flag of the Silt Strider port meshes, activator, and NPC gets switched around to the assets which now respond to their previous internal identifier. That, more often than not, is part of the fort.
The only solution is firing up Tesame, deleting all edits to these cells, and removing the Silt Strider port again, every time TR_Mainland gets updated.

Bal Oyra is already pretty bad, but this is a worse problem for mods like Anthology Tomb of the Snow Prince, which deletes and copies over the entire island of Solstheim, since its master file (Solstheim Tomb of the Snow Prince) didn’t do the proper thing and delete Bloodmoon’s assets, replacing them with its own, but changed them.
Morrowind can’t reconcile an asset being changed by two different master files and throws a ton of “reference missing” errors in game (the CS is fine, though). OpenMW can handle this now (magamo, who within TR is mostly active in the IRC) filed several bugs and helped find a solution, so the new engine can handle these kind of problems better than vanilla Morrowind.