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T_De_Pan_01 is misplaced thoughout all TR files as a result of this:
TR\m\TR_misc_pan_01.nif – the model seems to have lost its reference position, compare with _02 and _03.


This seems related to a

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This seems related to a Jan2014 fix on the model, from the old forum:


which would mean that the currently placed ones, rather than the model, should be fixed instead?

There are 28 placements in Mainland, another 13 in InDev and 21 in OE. That’s quite a lot of complex rotation fixing.

To be confirmed but recategorising this off Data.

Is fixing these just a matter

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Is fixing these just a matter of correcting the placement in their respective files? I can fix the remainder, so long as a lead doesn't mind uploading the file on my behalf. 

There's still an issue with the pan's selection box; it doesn't seem to affect placement, so correcting it shouldn't cause further problems. I'll upload a new .nif file as a seperate bug, since it relates to Tamriel_Data.

Fixing the pan selection box

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Fixing the pan selection box would be very appreciated!

It's just manually correcting the placement, yes. If you can do that, fire me or another Lead links on Discord to your edited files (do not touch release files that are checked out), and we'll put them in.

These have been corrected in

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These have been corrected in TR_InDev and the TR_IndorilThirr section file. Should just be the ones in the OE file left now.