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The development file for everything currently being worked on that is not in a dedicated section file (in active development) or in TR_Mainland (released). There should be few, if any, edits in this file.


Remember to load TR_Mainland.esp when editing InDev.
Do not merge InDev with an ESP without also loading TR_Mainland.esm (remove the dependency later with Wrye Mash), or else the dialogue replies will be knocked off! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

There are some NPCs and dialogue lines in Verarchen, which should be moved into its own section file when the time comes.
Thre changes are scheduled: an updated Knocker's Neck Pass, removing the water from the border cells by raising the land properly (as well as removing cells we do not actually want to contain), and search and replace operations to change the old cliff meshes with our newer ones.

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It looks like you accidentally uploaded the previous version again.