Guidelines for Audio Assets

Tamriel Rebuilt makes use of a variety of audio assets, though we are not very active in developing them. This page contains some brief guidelines for making audio assets. If you are someone who is looking for help or would like to make audio things for Tamriel Rebuilt (such as animal or ambient sounds, voice acting, or music) please head over to the forums and make yourself known there. The asset browser is where to post any audio you’d like to submit to the project.

What are audio assets?

Audio assets are the sounds and music of the game. Any time you hear something, that’s an audio asset. Morrowind uses a variety of audio assets, including things like:

  • Idle and combat sounds of creatures
  • Ambient environmental sounds, like wind or creaking wood
  • Sound effects for magic, weapons, combat sounds, footsteps, potions, menu clicks, level ups, etc
  • Voiced dialogue greetings, combat greetings, and npc dialogue
  • Voiceovers and narrations for video content
  • Music for exploration, combat, and special events

Guidelines for Audio Assets

Audio for use in the game should be created or recorded cleanly, without static or background noise. Assets should also be free of copyright and royalty issues.