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The section file containing the east bank of the Thirr. Mainly focused around the Indoril.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for the eastern Thirr should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Discussion of Almas Thirr dialogue

Development Plan

This file needs to continue being worked on as it did before: remaining issues need to be fixed, more dialogue and quests needs to be added, the Aanthirin visual overhaul needs to be finished.

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I'm grabbing this. About time

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I'm grabbing this. About time I got more work done. The order of the day will be fixing placement errors, probably for a while.cheeky

Edit: dropping this. I've made good progress, but there are still quite a few orange moss, temple dome and hamum root instances left to fix. Hopefully I'll have time to attend to those tomorrow.

Grabbing this, still focusing

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Grabbing this, still focusing on fixes. If I get through with the flora, I'll probably tidy up the rocks and perhaps do some more detailing in Vhul and Felms Ithul.

Edit: Dropping. Wow, there were way more temple domes than I was prepared for. Almost all flora placements fixed; I'll still check the shroomtables, but they generaly replaced the ferns very cleanly, so that shouldn't take too long.

On the one hand, it's rather

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On the one hand, it's rather late over here and I should probably go to sleep. On the other, it bugs me that I didn't get any work done on this file today. I think I'll grab this file and see how much of the stuff from the last meeting I can implement within about an hour. I'll probably start with the farm, and then if I make good time maybe the road and/or infirmary.

Edit: dropping for the night. I kept a tidy changelog:

-adjusted Thal Ullev's inventory, level, appearance and idle chances to fit his new identity as a grizzled old retired retainer of Ilvi's
-renamed 'Felms Ithul, _'s House (TR_i3-784-Ind)' to 'Felms Ithul, Thal Ullev's House'
-applied ownership and locked the exterior door
-renamed 'Drothril Estate, Thal Ullev's Shack' to 'Duvana's Shack'; owneship is still to Thal Ullev for now
-added exterior to [10, -19] and linked up with the interior

And also thought to take a quick screenshot in the CS of the new farm exterior:

As I ended up detailing the farm exterior, I didn't get around to the other stuff, but there are now officially no more Droth(r)il Estate interiors at least.

Grabbing this file a bit

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Grabbing this file a bit earlier today. I will continue to implement the stuff discussed in the last meeting.

Edit: dropping for the night. Changelog:
-rotated the northmarker for 'Duvana's Shack'
-added exterior velk camp at [11, -18]. Three NPCs are planned: a low-level Indoril guard and two Velothi labourers. The guard has a tent to himself, but I'm not sure if tents are worth making into claims, so I might just handle the interior myself.
-added cave entrance for Curse like a Witch quest in [11, -18] at the coordinates 93718, -145743, 2122; the entrance has a z-rotation of 2.8
-changed St. Seryn Infirmary exterior and adjusted some of the surrounding cliffs and landscape to fit
-added road to St. Seryn Infirmary, with pathgrids where they seemed necessary. I haven't done any in-game testing so far.

All of the exterior edits to Indoril-Thirr discussed in the last meeting have been made, though I might still tweak them a little here and there, especially after in-game testing. The area directly west of the infirmary is already in the OE file, so the possibility of adding something there is irrelevant to this section.

CS screenshots:

please feel free to make an

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please feel free to make an int for the witches cave if you want :)

I wasn't lying when I said a single cave piece and a door would be sufficient, basically the size of a yurt except a cave. if you want to leave the claim up as an easy goal for new int modders then that works too