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The reason for the poor performance in Port Telvannis with OpenMW is that most of the slaves are being stuck in the slave pod doors and thus are causing an insane amount of physics calculations each second. A simple fix for this is to move the slaves further away from the doors.


It's not exactly fixed, as

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It's not exactly fixed, as such, per my testing and the comments of others. OpenMW with the ongoing version still has a considerable slow-down in Port Telvannis compared to Morrowind, and keeping the slaves from getting stuck significantly alleviates it on the order of two-digit FPS increases, but it is better than the stable release of 0.41 even while the slaves are untouched, to the point that it won't be an issue for some.

In that case could anyone

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In that case could anyone give coordinates (GetPos and SetPos X Y Z in the console) that don't generate the issue in oMW, assuming that's possible? I can't run oMW myself to check, NPCs make me crash,

If the NPCs need to be moved to specific values in the TR files: the CS doesn't show NPC coordinates but they can be hex edited or edited in tes3cmd.

tr_m1_s_timacus: by the time

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tr_m1_s_timacus: by the time he is reached (his idle movement visibly results in his position being unstable), GetPos gets 353325.687500, 140342.156250, 1619.59068. SetPos X 353257, Y 140297 leaves him in equilibrium. I have not been able to test my way to improvements with positioning the other slaves yet, but moving around Timacus as so resulted in an immediate and lasting FPS increase throughout the area roughly equivalent to that of outright disabling a nearby Telvanni guard.
EDIT: Hopefully someone with a better feel for what causes issues can take a look...

Thanks, it should also be

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Thanks, it should also be possible to disable idle animations in individual NPC AI if needed (the special ones that have NPCs lean forward might affect collision?)